Wheels Bundle


Save money by ordering our wheels bundle.

This bundle contains:
1x Carnetics Stygian Tire Shine
1x Carnetics Custom Wheel Cleaner
1x Wheel Woolie
1x Tire Applicator

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Stygian Tire Shine

Carnetics Stygian Tire Shine is a tire dressing that protects and maintains car tires using synthetic polymers leaving a long lasting deep black gloss finish, covering up the tire blooming process for weeks to come and creating a water repellent layer onto the tire wall. See the ‘how to use’ section of our Stygian Tire Shine on this page.

Custom Wheel Cleaner

Carnetics Custom Wheel Cleaner removes the build-up of brake dust, dirt and grime by creating a chemical reaction between the product and contamination on the wheels, turning the product into a purple color once all the grime has been reached.Our Custom Wheel Cleaner also includes a gloss enhancer, which restores the original shine of your wheels. See the ‘how to use’ section of our Custom Wheel Cleaner on this page.

Wheel Woolie

Our bendable 32 cm long Wheel Woolie features a unique design that allows it to bend and shape to fit around your wheel’s spokes and other obstacles. This means that you can clean every nook and cranny of your wheels, without having to worry about damaging them.

Tire Applicator

The curved tire applicator is designed to make tire shine application easier and more efficient than ever before. The curved design of the applicator fits perfectly around the contour of the tire, ensuring complete coverage and a flawless finish every time. The soft and durable foam material ensures that the tire shine is evenly distributed, without causing any damage to your tires.

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