About Us

Carnetics is a premium car care brand that is located in The Netherlands. We are dedicated to offering top-of-the-line car care products that are accessible and easy to use for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. Whether you are a professional car detailer or a beginner, our products are designed to deliver exceptional results with minimal effort.

We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products, which are all proudly developed and manufactured in The Netherlands. We use only the highest quality ingredients and materials to create our products, ensuring that they are safe and effective.


At Carnetics, we have a mission to connect car owners to their cherished possessions and provide them with the necessary support to maintain their vehicles in optimal condition. We firmly believe that individuals who are passionate about caring for their possessions deserve a brand that shares their values and provides products that meet their needs. We believe that every car has a unique story to tell, and it is our goal to help preserve those memories.

Our Products

We take pride in our exceptional line of highly concentrated car care products. Our highly concentrated formulas are carefully designed to optimize performance, allowing you to achieve remarkable results with less product per application. This means that a little goes a long way, providing you with cost-effective solutions that deliver outstanding cleaning, protection, and shine for your beloved vehicle. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and product quality is reflected in our choice of HDPE bottles over PET, a decision that sets us apart as one of the few detailing brands worldwide to use this superior bottle type.

HDPE is considered one of the most environmentally friendly plastics. It is 100% recyclable, which means that the bottles can be reused to create new products, reducing the amount of plastic waste in landfills and oceans. Additionally, the recycling process for HDPE requires less energy and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to PET. HDPE is also more robust and impact-resistant than PET. Its tough nature ensures that our car care products remain securely sealed and protected during transportation and storage. This durability not only prevents leakage but also extends the shelf life of our products, ensuring that they maintain their high-quality performance over time.

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