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Carnetics Premium Car Shampoo cleans and protects your paintwork against degradation and corrosion on the long term by removing the build-up of mineral deposits and lime scale.

Carnetics Premium Car Shampoo is a concentrated shampoo with a pH-value of 5,5 when undiluted. Our product will become pH-neutral when diluted in a 1:240 ratio, making it perfect for regular weekly washing. When diluted in a 1:160 ratio our product will have a slightly acidic pH-value, so that it is perfect for heavy washing, removing the build-up of minerals and lime scale.

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  • Extends the lifetime of the paint.
  • Unique mild-acidic formula.
  • Prevents long term oxidation.
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How To Use

1.   Rinse your car thoroughly with clean water using preferably a high-pressure washer to remove dirt and prevent swirl marks. Use Pre-Wash Spray if needed.

2.   Add 20 – 50 ml of the product to a 12-liter bucket of warm/hot water for a regular pH neutral wash. Add 75ml to a 12-liter bucket of warm/hot water for a heavy wash. Mix the solution with your pressure washer. Never use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.

3.   Wash the surface using the soap and a wash mitt from top to bottom. 

4.   Rinse with clean water, don’t let the product dry on the surface.

Regular wash dilution: 1:600 – 1:240 (e.g. 20 – 50ml to 12l water)
Heavy wash dilution : 1:160 (e.g. 75ml to 12l water)

extends the lifetime of the paint or coating

Carnetics Premium Car Shampoo proactively prevents and eliminates mineral deposits and lime scale, the two primary culprits behind paint dullness over time. Our acidic formula guarantees a clear, contaminant-free paintwork, ensuring you never witness the gradual dulling or noticeable aging of your vehicle’s paint.

better adhesion of wax and sealants

Carnetics Premium Car Shampoo penetrates deep into the paintwork’s pores with its powerful acidic formula, effectively removing both visible and invisible contaminants. Using premium car shampoo prior to applying wax or sealant ensures the complete elimination of contaminants, creating an optimal surface for enhanced adhesion of wax or sealant to the paint.

Frequently asked questions

How does Premium Car Shampoo extend the lifetime of the paint or coating?

Premium Car Shampoo extends the lifespan of the paint or coating by actively preventing the accumulation of mineral deposits and lime scale. These harmful elements, commonly left behind by rain and environmental factors, contribute significantly to the dulling of the paint and the gradual degradation of coatings over time. The acidic formula in Premium Car Shampoo effectively breaks down and removes these contaminants, preserving the integrity of the paint and ensuring a prolonged and vibrant appearance for your vehicle.

Why should I use an acidic car shampoo?

Using an acidic shampoo, such as Premium Car Shampoo, offers distinct advantages over pH neutral or alkaline shampoos. Acidic shampoos are particularly effective in breaking down and removing mineral deposits, lime scale, and other contaminants that can accumulate on your vehicle’s paint over time. This proactive cleaning approach ensures a thorough and deep cleansing of the paintwork, preventing dullness and enhancing the longevity of the paint or coating. Additionally, the acidic nature of the shampoo contributes to better bonding when applying wax or sealant, providing a longer-lasting protective layer for your vehicle. Overall, choosing a zure shampoo is a strategic choice for maintaining the aesthetic appeal and protection of your car’s exterior.

Can i use Premium Car Shampoo when my car is waxed?

Yes, you can use Premium Car Shampoo on a waxed car. When the shampoo concentrate is diluted at a ratio of 1:240 or more, it reaches a pH-neutral value. This means that the wax layers on your car are not affected, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the shampoo without compromising the existing wax protection.

What do you mean by ‘coating’?

When we refer to “coating” in the context of Premium Car Shampoo, we’re talking about specific paint coatings such as glass coatings, ceramic coatings, or graphene coatings that are professionally applied by hand and are not in a sprayable form. They represent advanced protective layers that cover the vehicle’s paint, creating a durable barrier against various elements, thus protecting the paint and maintaining its shine. If you already have a sprayable sealant and you don’t want to remove it, it’s advisable to dilute Premium Car Shampoo in a ratio of 1:240 or more. This makes the product pH-neutral, ensuring it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the existing sealant. This way, you can enjoy Premium Car Shampoo without jeopardizing the integrity of your existing coating.

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