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Transform your car care routine into a premium experience with Carnetics. Discover our high-quality products and achieve a flawless finish on your vehicle every time.

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Spray wax coating

Enhances your cars appearance by delivering a stunning, long-lastig shine, but also provides a protective layer that shields against harmful UV rays, water spots, and other contaminants.

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Premium car shampoo
prevents oxidation and
degreases your car

A good automotive car shampoo prevents oxidation, degreases your car, and removes all contaminants. Washing your car is one of the most important parts of the detailing process. A good car shampoo does not only make your car look clean, but also protect its paintwork against degradation and corrosion on the long term.

We think that every car tells a story

Our mission at Carnetics is to connect people with the possessions that they have and are willing to take care of. We believe that all the people that are proudly caring for their possessions to keep it in the best condition possible deserve a product and brand that supports them in this task. We think that every car tells a story, and that their memories should be preserved

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